Why the Swing Governorô trainer works, is because it gives you real-time feedback on your lower-body movements and when and what you are doing wrong, so you can set about correcting the faults with the Drills we have included. It is like having a coach with you while you are practicing, so your practice time is beneficial. Whats more, is that you can practice effectively in front of a mirror, without a club, thus enabling you to practice in your bedroom or your office. !

It works with all levels of golfers, as with the Drills you only need to extend yourself to your bodies capabilities, to enjoy crisper and more accurate ball striking

How does it detect the two common swing faults?

1. Sway:
The Swing Governorô drops out
on your Backswing
2. Reverse Pivot:
The Swing Governorô stays trapped
between your legs

The Fix: practice the Drills using the Swing Governorô

Note: When the Swing Governorô drops out or remains trapped between your legs, it really startles you and you quickly quit your swing. It is as dramatic as if your pants ripped while swinging!

What is a correct Lower-Body movement
The Hips rotate approx 36-42 degrees and tilt approx 6-7 degrees . The rear leg should stay flexed yet stable.

What should the Swing Governorô do on a "good swing"
The Swing Governorô stays compressed just above the knees from address to the top of the back-swing.

On the downswing the Swing Governorô "bumps" just the lowerbody back into impact postion & slips out, enabling the upperbody and club to release into the impact zone

How do I know if the Swing Governorô will assist me
Try straddling a chair and make a practice swing. If you feel "tight" and unable to make a 80 degree shoulder turn while you are straddling the chair, then the Swing Governorô will be of assistance to you.

Why are there not other similar products on the market
The Swing Governorô patent prohibits other products from being compressed between the legs

Why is the lower body movement so hard to explain and teach
As David Leadbetter states, this movement is a three-dimensional move so it is difficult to tell someone to rotate, go forward and downwards all at the same time. With the Swing Governorô all this is done with no conscious effort.

Has the Swing Governorô been Bio-mechanically proven
Yes. The Swing Governorô has been independently tested using 3DMA swing analysis, as you can see on the graph, when using the Swing Governorô (green), Hip Tilt on the Backswing is reduced by 50 %. What does this mean to the average golfer? By reducing hip tilt you are also reducing Hip-Rotation. The more you turn on your backswing the more you have to try and turn on the way through, leading to inconsistent shots. Retention level (magenta) is incredibally high after the Swing Governorô is removed after just one swing. The Swing Governorô has made a massive improvement.

How does it differ from the Beach Ball Drill
The Swing Governorô has taken over from the beach ball drill. The Swing Governorô fits just above the knees and remains there during the backswing, unlike its predecessor the beach ball, it is designed to slip out on the downswing, so you can complete a full swing.




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