What is the “bump”
It is the 3D motion of hip rotation & tilt at the start of the downswing

How does the Swing Governor teach the bump
Using the  Swing Governor, you can experience the feeling of the “bump” by moving from “address” to “Impact” position – a position we call “Impact-Feel”
The actual motion from Address to Impact-Feel is the “bump”
At the Impact-Feel position, the Swing Governor will be on the verge of slipping out, notifying you are in the correct position. Remember this position as we will be recalling this position & feel on the downswing

So at the start of the downswing, your priority is to get the lower body & hips back to the Impact-Feel position – this is the “bump”
When your lower body is in the Impact-Feel position, the Swing Governor will slide out & the club shaft should be parallel with the ground. This position is the Release point so the upper body, arms & clubs are ready to be released into the back of the ball. If you don't start down correctly, you will be forced to make last ditch changes as you approach the ball, throwing the swing into disarray

Why Is the “bump” so critical Analogy:
When thrusting a heavy object towards a target, the Universal Laws of Force & Motion state that you should move the object towards the target from the onset. As opposed to starting the heavy object aimed away from the target, and after it has gained momentum, trying to change its direction towards the target. The "bump" gets the bulky lower body moving in the right direction ie into Impact-Feel

Why use the Swing Governor
When you get to the Top, the position of your lower body is diagonally opposite to where it was at Impact (tilt & rotation) So the Hips have got a lot of work to do to get back to the Impact -Feel position
Top :     Hip -30 & 10 tilt  ( degrees)
Impact : Hip 30 & -10 Tilt ( degrees)

The Swing Governor guides you through the correct downswing sequence, and provides the mechanics for you. From the correct mechanics you can quickly learn the right feel. The sequence & timing from the Top is:
1. Initiate the bump
2. The club shaft should then be parallel with the ground ( Up until this point, all other aspects of the swing should be quiet & passive)
3. The Swing Governor slips out
4. You are now ready to release the shoulders, arms and club into impact ( Due to the Centrifugal Force that has built up, this is all you can do, "release "

Without the Swing Governor - many golfers experience the downswing blackout – they don't know what to do.
The Swing Governor being between the legs keeps the lower body stable, so you can move the lower body back into Impact-Feel without swaying and sliding

After 32 swings with the Swing Governor you will definitely “feel” what should be happening. However this retention is not like riding a bike, where once you have got it you have it for life. Unfortunately, this “bump” needs to be practised regularly once you have mastered the correct feel.

The Swing Governor also assists with the Kinetic Chain Sequence
As you can see from the graphs below the Swing Governor is used to obtain the correct Kinetic Chain Sequence


Why generate Kinetic Chain
- Reduce the risk of back injury
- This is the major difference between the Pros and club golfers swing
- Perform more consistently, especially under pressure
- There is an efficient  flow of motion
, so you can swing easy at the ball instead of trying to bash it. !

"The K-Vest makes it possible for me and our certified instructors to collect precise biomechanical data from our students, allowing unprecedented insight into the mechanics of the golf swing. I am confident this technology is the future of golf instruction" David Leadbetter - PGA/LPGA Instructor


How do you get this Kinetic Chain Sequence
- Firstly you need to have you swing captured & analysed on a apparatus like the K-Vest 3D Analyser
- Then perform the Swing Governor drills, which will get your sequence firing correctly

The KC Drill (Kinetic Chain Drill) teaches the hardest move in golf, that is, how to get your ideal kinetic chain on your downswing.

Beginning your Downswing, you ideally want to transfer the energy from the ground up, so from your Hips to your Shoulders, then your Shoulders to Arms then finally the golf club just before impact. This is easier said then down.

This is the secret that every top professional does, and why it looks effortless when they swing, because their Kinetic Chain (sequence) is so good.

The KC Drill will have you in sync within a couple of swings, allowing you to feel the stretch-recoil between the upper and lower body on your downswing transition.



As we are only as good as the weakest link in the chain, we need to ensure all links are working properly, that is, the Hips, Shoulders and Arms.