The Swing Governor™ targets and engages the bodies Core Muscles.

When the Swing Governor™ is squeezed between the legs, just above the knees, it engages the Inner-leg & Core muscles that assist with :

  1. Visualization

  2. Balance

  3. The Bump

  4. Backswing - Sequential Coiling

  5. Downswing - Initiates the "bump" & Kinetic Chain Sequence

Visualization: Visualization allows our body to perform a task, in relation to an object. We use visualization to execute our golf shots. The  Core muscles are also called the Anticipatory muscles ,however they must be activated to be effective. The Swing Governor™ is very effective in activating these Core Muscles. When your body knows where to go, it will get there much more efficiently

Balance: Good players with good golf swings, maintain Balance by taking care of Balance at address. Once you create dynamic balance at address, you are well on the way to maintaining overall balance during the entire swing, thus producing greater consistency. When you swing a club, you produce Centrifugal forces that can easily pull you out of balance. When this happens, the body goes into survival mode and your shot making and technique is compromised. The Swing Governor™ is the training tool to keep your balance in check throughout the entire golf swing by triggering the Core muscles ( Transverse Abdominus ) which is the body's natural Stabilizing muscles. Great swings emphasize Balance

The Bump : The bump is widely mentioned by Tour Pros as the critical move to initiate the downswing. With the Swing Governor™ installed between the legs, moving from Address into the Imapct position, creates the precise movement of the bump. When at this correct Impact position, the Swing Governor is on the verge of slipping out. So at the top of your backswing, your first downswing move should be to move your lower body to the postion you felt at "impact" . This will cause the Swing Governor to slip out, enabling the upperbody to release into the impact zone

Backswing - Sequential Coiling & Centrifugal Acceleration : Good players coil without any effort. They turn each segment of their body only small amounts in the right sequence, to achieve a relaxed and effortless shoulder turn. The Swing Governor™ with its patented design, governs the Hip turn in stages, to ensure this backswing sequential coil. During the Downswing the Swing Governor™ bumps the front leg back so it "Posts" or straightens.This momentarily decelerates the hips and "anchors" the lower body. This action of the hips "decelerating" makes the shoulders, hands & club whip through to impact due to the centrifugal acceleration that has been generated.. Proper sequence of motion generates Centrifugal Acceleration    

Downswing - Kinetic Chain Sequence: This intricate action seperates club golfers from the Pros. Just as we have turned back in sequence, we need to come down in sequence, however with each body segment (Hips,Shoulders & Arms) generating maximum rotation in sequence. Unfortunately the tendency here is to start the "hit" with either the hands or the shoulders instead of the hips. This is where the Swing Governor drill is invaluable in being able to initiate the "bump" which will ensure the hips start the downswing    see Kinetic Chain Drills

1. Address:
It activates the Core Stability the body's stabilizing muscles, so the body is balanced, promoting good posture & technique.

Aligns - feet
         - knees
         - hips
         - to improve your
           aim and direction

2. Take away:
The Swing Governor™ ensures a
smooth one piece takeaway, by initially restricting your hips from activating too early in your swing.

Centrifugal power is generated by the lower body resisting the turning of the upper body

3. Back Swing: 
It restricts the Hips from
rotating too far back,
increasing your X Factor

It keeps the rear leg in the position it was at address

Weight shift on the Backswing will compress the spring in the Swing Governor™ .

4. Downswing Transition:
The spring in the Swing Governor™ now fully compressed, will assist in initiating the downswing with the Hips, a crucial move according to Ben Hogan

The Swing Governor™ then bumps the front leg forward and perpendicular, so it "posts". This momentarily decelerates the hips which assist centrifugal force to release the shoulders, hands & club down into the ball

5. Impact:
The Hips are now open at impact, with the front leg posted, promoting the body to swing the arms & club through the impact zone with centrifugal acceleration.

The Swing Governor™ slides out prior to impact, due to the front leg straightening and the rear leg moving forward. (The rear pad design and the internal spring also assist with the slide out.)

6. Follow Through:
The Swing Governor™ is completely out of the way, and the inertia of the downswing flings the body through to the finnish position.

This has all been done without any real conscious effort.


Short Game:

The Swing Governor™ is also very effective in the short game, especially putting. A solid base will improve your putting, and you will be amazed how much you actually move your legs while putting without the Swing Governor™.

Note: The Swing Governor™ will not release on the follow through when used in the short game.




4.Putting (Between your Arms)


Incorrect Swings

The Swing Governor™ instantly gives you feedback on the 3 most common Swing Faults.
They are caused by not using the lower body correctly or in the wrong sequence.


The Swing Governor™ will fall out on the backswing (Pic 1).

This is caused from both knees sliding back on the backswing.

(Pic 1) Sway
Sway Fix:

Keep your right knee from sliding outside the edge of your right shoe

The Swing Governor™ forces you to maintain a stable right knee. (Pic 2)

(Pic 2) Correct

Coming over the Top:
The Swing Governor™ becomes trapped between the knees( Pic 3). because you have started the downswing with the upper body, and your hips have come through level.

(Pic 3)
Coming over the
top Backswing

Coming over the Top Fix: Start the Downswing with the hips, this will eliminate the outside to in move, and stop your hips coming through to level. The Swing Governor™ will slide out just before impact(Pic 4)

(Pic 4)

Reverse Pivot:
The Swing Governor™ becomes trapped between the knees

You have not Transferred your weight Correctly,

Your Rear Leg has straightened (Pic5), from here you straighten your front leg to try and balance your self (Pic 6)

(Pic 5)
Reverse Pivot Backswing

(Pic 6)
Reverse Pivot

Follow Through

Reverse pivot Fix:

Backswing: Stop the rear knee from locking up (straightening) (pic7) which causes your weight onto your front foot. Now maintain a stable right knee on the backswing (Pic7) and shift your weight to your right side.

Downswing: This will now create the correct impact position, and release the Swing Governor™ on the follow through(Pic 8).

(Pic 7)

(Pic 8)





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