Q. What is the difference between using a Swing Governor™ and a Beach Ball ?
A. The Swing Governor™ releases at impact allowing you to complete your follow through, the beach ball does not allow this...learn more

Q. What is the Minimum and Maximum operating measurements of the Swing Governor™?
A. The minimum measurement is 155mm(6.2") compressed and the maximum measurement is 335mm(13.4") learn more

Q. Can the Swing Governor™ be used in Competition ?
A. No. The Swing Governor™ can only be used in Practice under rule 14-3
Q.Can the Swing Governor stop me coming over the top
A. Yes. Because the Swing Governor teaches you to swing in the right sequence, it will teach you to initialize the downswing
with the hips learn more
Q.I tend to sway on my backswing will the Swing Governor fix this?
A. Yes. The Swing Governor will fall out on your backswing instantly signalling that you are swaying, it will teach you keep the weight on the inside edge of your right foot (right hand player) whilst keeping a stable right knee...learn more
Q. I am new to the game and I can't get rid of my reverse pivot. Can the Swing Governor help me?
A. Yes. The Swing Governor will instantly indicate that you have reverse pivoted by not releasing on the downswing. It will teach proper weight shift on your backswing and then it will also teach the proper weight shift on your downswing.
Q. Sometimes I feel like my upper body and lower body are a just out of sync, is the Swing Govenror able to fix this?
A. The Swing Govenror helps you coil in the right sequence, which in turn synchronizes your upper and lowerbody
Q. Will the Swing Governor help me increase my increase my X Factor?
A. Yes the Swing Governor helps govern your hip turn on the backswing, whilst you turn your shoulders back 90 degrees increasing your X Factor
Q. What is the X Factor?
A.The term X-Factor was introduced by Jim McLean in a 1992 Golf Magazine article titled “Widen the Gap”. It is used to describe the relative rotation of shoulders with respect to hips during the golf swing, specifically at the top of back swing. His article was based on the research done by Mike McTeigue using a measurement device called the Swing Motion Trainer. After analyzing tour professionals they found the bigger rotational difference between the hips and the shoulders, the longer the drives.
Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. Yes. shipping costs are built in to the order form.